Learn about the 403(b), your tax-deferred retirement savings plan.
Plan Basics

You can save $17,500 in regular contributions in your retirement plan every year.

Plan Basics

Your school makes available a retirement plan for the benefit of eligible employees. Participation is voluntary but employees are highly encouraged to consider taking advantage of this benefit. While saving for retirement is not risk free, this Plan can help supplement Social Security and other savings.

The official name of the Plan is the Bosque School Defined Contribution Retirement Plan. It is established under section 403(b) of the Internal Revenue Code.

All employees are considered to be eligible except:

  1. Employees who are credited with fewer than 20 hours of service per week.
  2. Employees who are students.

Beginning the first quarter after the first year of full employment, Bosque will make a contribution to the Plan on your behalf if you meet the Eligibility requirements.

Example: If you are an eligible employee who starts in August, the employer contribution will start October the following year. The current employer contribution is 5% of salary.

All investments carry with them a degree of risk. It is important to understand your tolerance for risk before investing. Those with low risk tolerance may be better suited to a conservative investing strategy that relies, for the most part, on fixed investments. Conversely, those with high risk tolerance may be better suited for more aggressive investments. It cannot be emphasized enough that risk tolerance is highly individualized. An investment strategy that is acceptable to one person may not be suited to another.

Read through the Investment Essentials section to learn more about risk, and other basic investing principals.